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      Beijing Peric hua Hydrogen Energy Technology Co, Ltd. was established by the 718th research institute of CSIC, it cooperates with the famous universities and research institutes, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in hydrogen technology development and industrialization.
      Beijing Peric hua Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Is a subsidiary of the 718th research institute of CSIC and window unit in capital, Relying on its strong support, and relying on our own high-quality team, the company's core technical staff have many years of experience in the field of hydrogen energy. We have participated in a number of national high-tech research and development projects, international and national hydrogen energy demonstration projects. Our company can provide system solutions on hydrogen energy, and focus on the integration and application areas, including: Hydrogen production from renewable energy sources and power generation, Hydrogen infrastructure, on-board hydrogen storage systems, efficient water electrolysis hydrogen production system, the fuel cell system. Our company has integrated and manufacturing base in Handan and other cities.
      As the commercial application of hydrogen energy solution provider and engineering service provider, Beijing Peric hua Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. puts the "innovative, efficient, rigorous, realistic" as our enterprise spirit, committed to promoting the development of hydrogen energy industry in China and the world. We are committed to providing high-quality, full range of services to our customers by quality products and leading technologies. We look forward to sincere cooperation with you.
      Contact: Tel: 010-58772797, Fax: 010-58772795,
      Email: peric_hydrogen@163.com
      Please click and enter the website: http://www.perichtec.com
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