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      The Inspection Measurement Test Center take the product quality conformance testing, measuring instruments management and calibration, scientific research production project technical performance test, environmental conditions adaptability assessment test and other tasks. The Test Center temperature and humidity environmental test device, rapid change of temperature test box, electric vibration test bench, mechanical vibration test bench, bumps vibration test bench, strong shock test bench, swing test bench, components aging test box, and specific surface area measuring instrument and length, temperature, pressure, flow, electricity and other 12 measurement. The Test center can carry out the assessment of environmental conditions of the test standards, including: electric and electronic products environmental testing regulations, equipment Environmental test methods, electronic equipment environmental testing, and specific surface area test and 12 items of measurement and calibration work.
      The Inspection Measurement Test Center has more than 30 large instruments and equipment, can undertake various mechanical and environmental stress testing tasks, the temperature and humidity environmental stress test tasks and he specific surface area of chemical products test tasks.
      ASAP2010 type specific surface area measuring instrument
      (a) Maximum load: 500kg
      (b)Peak acceleration range: 5~25g
      (c) Pulse duration: 30~60ms
      (d) Pulse repetition frequency: 30~80 times / min
      (e) bench size: 1000mm×1000mm
      It can be used to analyze the specific surface area, the pore size, the pore volume of catalyst, molecular sieve and adsorbent. It can give the following forms of the report: 1、BET report; 2、Langmuir report;3、t-Plot report; 4、BJH report; 5、Horvath—Kawazoe report; 6、Dubinin report; 7、MP-Method report. 
      Mechanical test equipment
      Mechanical test equipment can simulate the mechanical vibration test environment with high frequency and low amplitude, low frequency and high amplitude shock bumps, and the strong impact of short time and high acceleration, to assessment specimens’ ability to withstand mechanical vibration, shock and strong impact. The equipment meets the requirements of the environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products, environmental test methods of equipment, environmental test standards for electronic equipment, etc.
      Main technical parameters of test equipment:
      Y50500/ZF mechanical vibration bench
      (a) Maximum load: 500kg
      (b) Frequency range (b): 5-60Hz (constant frequency vibration 5-80Hz)
      (C) maximum displacement amplitude: no load: 5mm full load: 1.5mm
      (d) maximum acceleration: no load: 10g full load: 3g
      (e) bench size: 1200mm×1000mm
      Contact: Tel: 0310-7189462
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